Apartment Or Condo Choices For Couples

If you look at the pricing models for individual apartments, you’ve likely noticed that the more bedrooms an apartment has, the less the cost per room is. That makes one bedroom apartments in Tewksbury some of the most expensive real estate for the individual renter. One option that many young couples have taken, is to share nicer one bedroom apartments, rather than opting for larger two bedroom apartments. But there are considerations to factor into this decision.

#1. One Bedroom Apartments

Private landlords renting out houses that have been converted from private residences are very unlikely to have 1 bedroom apartments available. These apartments generally have at least two bedrooms, and depending on where they’re located, they can be cheaper or more expensive than apartment complexes. Apartment complexes are much more likely to have one bedroom apartments, and they’re more likely to have them both in the city and in the suburbs. While a single dweller might have a rough go of justifying the expenditure on a one bedroom apartment, a couple can do just that much more easily. Firstly, landlords rent by the room, so a couple would not useful content be paying more for their one bedroom apartment than a single dweller would. Aside from splitting the rent, a couple would also be splitting all the bills down the middle. One bedroom apartments have the benefit of being both a very nice option, and economical at the same time.

#2. Apartment Communities

Apartment communities have the added benefit of amenities. Depending on the location, amenities can range anywhere from off street parking to communal spas. While off street parking is fairly standard, and community spas are definitely the high end, a lot of apartment communities provide gym areas, recreation areas, parks, central air, high speed internet, and basic utilities included in the cost of the rent. For folks that are struggling to make it to the gym, having on site facilities will make it cheaper and easier for them to work out. While fitness areas aren’t published here likely to provide all the same perks of a gym, many folks find it a convenient way to work off some steam after a long day.

But the best part of apartment communities for the couples that live there, are the other people in the community that they’ve become friends with.

“There’s a barbecue area where we all get together in the summer months and do a potluck,” says one resident of an apartment community from Tewksbury. “This facility is dog friendly, so our dogs get to come out and make friends as well. Of course, we have to make sure they don’t eat the food, but for the most part it’s a really great time.”

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